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Think Metal Odd Digest Launch

From 27th December to 7th January campaign to promote "open a mind for open society" survey Named "THINK METAL - ODD DIGEST" involving random people from all background concerning two topics "People favoured Music" and "Legal Literacy" In India will be initiated by Niranjan Deshpande while travelling from Pune To Sankri (Deharadun) To Kedarkantha and back. integral part of the survey would be funds raised for Orphans at the orphanage near Deharadun as well. Before Think Metal Corporation has done Music Events, Poetry Slams, Shortfilm Festival in Aurangabad and Pune.

The Metal Expedition, March 7th and 8th, Pune

The Short Film Junket, August 2nd Pune. Poetry Slam August 2nd Pune.

Aurangabad Listens To Metal 29th November, Aurangabad.

This time it's based on a solo travel through train, bus, tempo, every other medium possible and a trek later. It's initiated from the urge to travel for a cause, with expenses out of own pocket. never the less it gives a social benefit and if it open's one mind out of thousands met on route, it's worth traveling for. Knowing strangers and getting to know their views on different types of Music including metal would be Nirajan's primary concern. However, them remembering his name later is not important. Travel is the best medium available to spread a word and coming back home with memories worth living a life for. Rightly said in the words of, "Giving a philanthropic angle to metal music, Think Metal endeavors to broaden horizons and change the way metal is perceived. They believe is not just about the way people stereotype it as noise, but it actually has a soul and a higher purpose", Think Metal Corporation has never sicked to one permanent way of working.

Survey would involve MCQ's based on Legal Literacy for purpose of knowing what people actually know about daily life laws in India apart from Traffic Rules, which medium they prefer to know about Laws, sanctions imposed after its infringement, How many people actually know sanctions imposed before infringing the duty, How many people know Fundamental Rights, Human Rights.and much more.

In second topic, People Favored Music would target MCQs asking their concern over preferable form of Music, Piracy, Venue, Medium To Avail Music, Personal Opportunities which they have had but were unable to catch, Artist Fee, Demands from Artists.

Both the surveys would be conducted provided complete liberty about providing the identity (keeping the identity anonymous on wish) to guest who will be answering. and Arundhati Pathak for doing assistance for the Digest. Both the survey's are paper based survey.

We hope to see more number of people get benefited out of "Think Metal - Odd Digest".

Thank you.