Interview with Chinmay Bokil

Chinmay Bokil

Chinmay Bokil

Bassist : Abraxas

Guitarist : Halahkuh

Picture Credits : Jeena Haoladar

Chinmay Bokil has been enthralling masses with his guitar playing since last 6 years in Metal Scene. His highly qualified skills and neo classical guitar solo's has attracted almost every metal enthusiast around the country. Bokil's contribution to Indian Metal Scene through his first metal band Bleeding Edge, then Halahkuh and now with Abraxas as bass guitar player can never be unnoticed.

Q. Chinmay Bokil is known to us as a very humble guy. Apart from Musicality what drove this gentleman towards heavy metal?

Thank you ND. honestly speaking, Metal was one of the first genres I started listening to while getting introduced to western music. I would not have chosen metal if it was not for musicality.

Q. A lot of chaos goes down society in forming opinions about dread-headed people. Share an incidence which you faced.

Dreadlocks have given me an identity. People come up to me with weird looks/queries/conceptions about dreads and it is fun to tackle them most of the time. There are a lot of incidences. Talking about recent event, my newly appointed house maid couldn't work if I am around due to some misconceptions she must have had about dreads. that or she thought i am shiney ahuja.

Q. We have been experiencing you are getting inclined towards Cinematography nowadays than just guitaring. Is it the frustration towards Metal pulling you out?

I am not at all frustrated with metal. I am not a cinematographer also. What I mostly do is editing and sometimes photography. I entered this field for money and I don't really like promoting it as I would do it for my music.

Q. You seem to be a Hard-core Cricket Fan and Painter. Did metal ever helped you in doing all this?

I love watching cricket(hail SRT). I've been following it since i was 4. Same goes with painting. But I could not relate the metal to the things I mentioned above.

Q. I would like to know about your Psychological interpretation of an average Metal enthusiast's behaviour? Enlighten us with few Reasons.

I am a fake bachelor in psychology degree holder, to be honest. Although, I recently read an article which said something like 'heavy metal music fills deep-seated psychological needs' which make sense.

Q. Metal Gigs are like only time when huge gathering of Metal Enthusiasts is seen. Would it be the same, if it's only a conference?

It would be the same if the conference is held at a grand metal gig. ;)

Q. Metal have many forms in which one can relate to it. What is Metal for you?

the reason I was intrigued was due to its(metal's) hostile and solid physical form. It opened up a whole new side of me as I began playing.

If you are given a chance to choose one thing what would you choose? A stage or the Seat in Parliament as MP

Definitely seat in parliament as MP bro. what a nice place to watch porn.

Q. Tell us how will your dream Metal- City look like?

I can't really imagine that.

Q. Any motivational words which you would like to share with your Fans ?

Practice - Practice - Practice

Interview by Niranjan Deshpande