Interview with Nishant Hagjer

Nishant Hagjer

Drummer : Undying Inc

Q. Apart from Musicality what drove you towards Metal?

The aggression, the technical rhythms and progressions were enough for me to get crazy about metal. When I heard it for the first time, it was a challenge to understand it as well. Coming from a very punk background, it was difficult to grasp any time signature other than ¾ or 4/4 haha! I wanted to push myself and this was the perfect genre, for me.

Q. Over the years you've been part of one f the biggest bands in country. What kept you going in journey so far?

The same reason why I started drumming. I want to push myself beyond my present boundaries and playing with such bands has helped me so much! It’s a learning experience and I never want it to stop.

Q. Are there any regrets for being a Metal Enthusiasts you are? Any second thoughts?

Hell no! I’m glad I’m a metal musician. It makes me happy. I’ll go crazy without it.

Q. What is Thinking Metal for you? How will you portray ideal metal enthusiast which is there in your mind?

It’s a good initiative for the metal community. There are no active metal forums anymore. They come and go. This particular one should stick.

Q. Do you think motivating people towards metal will grow number of people enjoying it? If no, would it be left open without creating any awareness about it?

I honestly think we should not try to recruit people into this genre. Metal fans are the most loyal fans out there in the world. That’s the beauty of this genre. They stick for the music, the lyrics, the crazy stage antics, the wake up call about what the actual fuck is happening in the world. It only attracts people that are meant to be attracted.

Q. Do you follow Politics? What do you think about ignorant approach of metal enthusiasts towards politics?

I couldn’t care less.

Q. Metal is type of music which has been evolving continuously and it is restricted certain amount of people. Are there any chances of any political party coming up soon?

Haha, I doubt it will. All actions are done online and in concerts.

Q. How do you portray Metal without Internet?

There would no metal without internet, the same way how music wouldn’t be out there without internet now. This is the online age. Nothing can be accomplished without the internet.

Q. If not a metal musician what else would you like to be?

I would like to be an electronic musician, composing, recording and uploading on the go, as well as drumming along to electronic music.

Q. We have seen you growing as an Powerful Undying Indian Metal Drummer. Any words of motivation for upcoming drummers?

Maintain a routine, stick to it and push yourself everyday. Challenge yourself and you’ll see you’re actually more capable than you think you are. Spend a lot of time with the kit and have fun playing it! The more you play, the more things you notice and learn about yourself.

Interview by Niranjan Deshpande