Interview with Pritesh Prabhune

BAJAAO:Live Sound Engineer | Orion (Mumbai):Drummer

Apart from Musicality what drove you towards Metal?

Well, life and circumstances drove me to metal. Not the musicality, that was secondary. It is a great vent for emotions. And I can only listen to music I can relate to, in perspective of content. And I love distorted guitars.

Over the years you've been part of one of the biggest bands in country. what kept you going in journey so far?

If you're talking about Chronic Phobia, I don't think we were anywhere close to being 'big'! But, I learned a lot in Chronic Phobia. Great thanks to Charan Singh Pathania for helping become the drummer I am today. Plus, joining Orion made me take my musicality to a new level. What kept me going is the drive to create something that no one else is creating, and the thirst to grow as a musician, and of course, the love for metal and it's intensity!

Share an event for which you would be always thankful to Metal?

There is no event in specific. Metal music just helps me in life in general. There is no way to explain how much priority music in general has in my life.

What is Thinking Metal for you? How will you portray ideal metal enthusiast which is there in your mind?

Being as concise as possible - Take no shit, be aware of things happening around you, stand up for yourself and when the time comes - fight fire with fire! And yeah, fuck the system.

What do you think about the Educational System in India, like obstacles that system has put before Metal and development of India As Superpower?

before Metal and development of India As Superpower? Whether or not India will become a superpower is hard to say. This country is pretty fucked right now. Our animals are safer than our mothers and our sisters, so, I can't really say anything more on that subject. The education system, again, there is no word more dignified than - fucked. Practical application is not being given importance. There is only one path in everyone's life here - school, college, masters / management degree, work, get, married, retire, die. Plus, the education system goes hand in hand with the orthodox mentality and upbringing. That also, in turn, ensures that there is no dignity of labour. Which is all a result of the caste system created hundreds of years ago. It might be officially abolished, but people are still the same - communal and petty.

Do you follow Politics? What do you say about ignorant approach of Metal enthusiast towards politics?

I prefer not to follow politics. It pisses me off. The wrong people are in the right place. I find that it's not really worth the time. Anyway, the decisions are made by people who are as old as my grandfather, who's dead. So it's all pointless.

What do you say about frequent rampant abuse done on various internet mediums?

Depends on the kind of abuse. If there is a cause behind it, and it's justified, then why not. But, there is a lot of random crap going about like this whole fake feminism trend for example. Utter bullshit.

How do you portray Metal without Internet?

In this time and age, the internet is basically controlling the survival of independent music in any form. Metal, without internet, will be a little more difficult to spread.

As a part of Bajaao Team you have seen musicians on and off stage at events. Apart from Musicality what are the factors which forms that bond between A Fan and Band Playing at that point of time?

The one thing that I think brings us all together is the fact that everyone knows and feels that everyone is the same. During a metal gig, everyone is there together in spirit, expressing themselves how they want. Some of us on stage with guitars, drums, microphones, whatever, and the rest of us in the crowd armed with hands and voices! We are all the same!

If not a metal enthusiast that you are, what would you choose to be?

Never thought about it. Wtf. There is nothing else, man!

A message for stereotypes?

Stop being someone else, make yourself. Be something new, something beyond standard expectations. Stand up for yourself, question authority. Kill the cliche! \m/

Interview by Niranjan Deshpande