Interview with Himanshu Vaswani

Founder : Control ALT Delete

Q. Apart from Musicality what drove you towards Metal?

Metal audience is undoubtedly the most honest audience ever. It’s also an impoverished genre when it comes to the support that it gets from promoters and venues alike. There is a huge disparity in the number of people who listen to the music and the avenues that support it. That combined with my passion to support the ‘Real Independent’, if why I do what I do.

Q. How did metal help you in your life so far?

As a listener, Metal has always been my source for venting. It also makes for a good party. It’s not really about the thick and thin as much as it is about the fun times that I have had, be it at a gig or chilling with friends.

Q. Control Alt Delete has allowed people to pay what they want. Are you satisfied with number of people turning out for the concert?

We have always been overwhelmed by the number of people that have shown up for CAD. We all earn different and spend different. We did not want to put a limit to how much people should pay to watch this gig. There are good people out there. Money shouldn’t decide whether you can afford to watch a show. Well, at least in the case of CAD. This show is not about the money, but about the people involved in making it happen. While we have hundreds of kids who contribute smaller amounts, there are several well-wishers who contribute larger sums because they can. Independence, that’s what this is about.

Q. Though some metal bands have gore-guttural theme, Metal in general supports Woman Empowerment. Yet, why the number of women attending gigs is less?

I do believe the number of women attending metal gigs has increased in the recent times. That said, I don’t think women empowerment has had anything to do with it. Metal as a music form has addressed pretty much all the problems that this world has faced. That’s what we do right? It’s up to us to make more women listen to this music and bring them to our gigs.

Q. Metal talks about Unity. Do you think there will be any Political Party would be coming up?

I sincerely doubt that!

Q. Are you a religious person? How far you agree that Religion has divided the society?

I am not. I don’t think I am an atheist. That said, I am far from religion. Religion was retrofitted in our society. It’s man made and serves as crutches for the weaker men who need it. To each his own.

Q. Is Digital Media Communication is all that Metal has got or has it become reason for restricted nature of Metal?

That’s not entirely true. We like to believe that we got nothing. But there are several media forms out there that do support good metal. The avenues are lesser but they exist. Spotify recently announced that Heavy Metal is actually more popular than Pop. That itself proves that Metal is not restricted. It’s just avoided by some.

Q. We have seen a lot Metal Musicians diverting to some other form of Music in later part of their career. Do you think Metal is justifying for innate skilled artist and hard working people?

Metal is not one’s wife. People should listen to and play any and every form of music that appeals them. We all do all sorts of things for money. As long as they are getting to play music, they should be more than happy. If life was that fair, I would be doing only Control ALT Delete all through the year. Music is business at the end of the day. You can ignore it but you cannot change the facts. Yes, metal does get you lesser money than other music forms. But since when was any of this about money?

Q. One thing which you would like to replace from The Metal Scene?

Politics. We hate as much as we love. We are sentimental and sometimes a little too much. It affects the rationality and it’s amateur.

Q. Where do you see Metal in 10 years from now?

It will be 2 steps behind its peers and 20000 steps ahead of where it is today. That’s how it is and that’s how it has always been. Believe it or not, we like it that way. Had metal been as popular and widely accepted by the masses, most of us would have not been metal heads. We like to be different. This has got nothing to do with the money that the artist’s make. It’s just a way of life.

Interview by Niranjan Deshpande