Interview with Sushan Shetty

Cosmic Infusion : Keyboards & Vocals

Q. Apart from Musicality what drove you towards Metal?

Metal has become a way of life. So, it goes beyond being just music, really. After a point it influences almost about everything you do in your life.

Q. Over the years you've been part of one of the biggest bands in country.what kept you going in journey so far?

Wow. Thank you but I don't really think in that way. I always put the past behind me, keep the learnings with me and try to live/be in the present. I get kicked about creating something new. So, right now taking my other project Fraunikus live, writing new stuff with it and most importantly completing this new Cosmic Infusion album (which seems like the biggest Endeavour I've ever taken up) is what is completely on my mind right now.

Q. Share an event for which you would be always thankful to Metal?

Like I said, Metal has become a part of my life. Every decision that I take is influenced by it. So, it wouldn't be incorrect to say what I am right now is all because of Metal!

Q. You are a part of one of the most popular black metal outfit. What would you say about acts done by Polish, Norwegian and such other bands violently? Do you call it a form of terrorism?

Black Metal, I believe, in a way tells you to do whatever you want to do, till doesn't affect anybody else. A lot of infamous stuff that has happened in the past were genuine acts of anger and hate and has a lot of history attached. Although, just like in any other walk of life, you always have people who try to take advantage of that for whatever ill reason that may be, should only be wary of such people.

Q. Do you consider yourself as a religious person? What do you think about the association of religion with metal, like obstacles that orthodox thinking has put before metal?

I have always believed that religion was formed a 'means of administration'. Religion is not really an obstacle for metal, it's just the stereotypical mentality, which again I believe is due for change with time. And even if it's not, we couldn't really care less.

Q. Do you follow Politics? If yes then, would you mind seeing a Metal Enthusiast holding a seat in Indian Parliament?

Not really. But it sounds interesting if a person who has the understanding of Metal would be in a position of power. (Afaque?!)

Q. Do you think a reform in educational systems will result in increase of Open Minded people in India instead of Stereotypes?

Absolutely. This is a very good point. If the education system could just inject the idea of understanding things rather than just learning, that in itself would be a major reform to start with.

Q. How do you differentiate message conveyed through Metal and Message conveyed through Bollywood or any other genre?

Haha. Is there ever a message conveyed through Bollywood music ? Although I know there are some really good musicians there, the scope for their creativity is quite restricted.

Q. Do you believe Documentaries, Films, Biographies will motivate more people towards Metal?

Definitely. Now it's up to the people as to what they take back from it. People who don't want to get motivated will never get motivated, no matter what. And people who do want to get motivated and are open in their thought process, documentaries, films etc. work wonders for them.

Q. Where do you see Metal 50 years from Now?

That's a tough one. It'll definitely live on for sure. But at least in India, by 2020 there will definitely be a circuit, wherein a band can tour around the country, not make a living out of it but would at least start towards it.

Q. If not metal enthusiast and musician that you are what would you choose to be?

I've actually done a million different things from one day to the next, from being a Computer programmer to a Banker to a Teacher to being just a wanderer and a lot of other things. Am really glad I've always had Metal to hold my life together. To Metal! \m/

Interview by Niranjan Deshpande