Interview with Yash Pathak

Solar Deity: Drummer

Q. Introduce us to the work you have done so far.

Back in 1998-1999. I met Aditya who lives in the same neighbourhood. I had just started drumming and he had seen me playing drums in random events in our locality. I was in school back then and had no clue what heavy metal genre was all about. He asked me “if I’d like to play different form of music style” from what I used to play back then. I said "Yeah for sure". He then gave me Metallica (Black Album) Slayer (Divine Intervention) and Obituary (Back From The Dead) in form of a cassette. He probed “if I can play this stuff.” I said “fine I will give a shot.” I took about a week to work out both Metallica and Slayer full length album from start to the end and I asked him to come home to check it out. He was blown with the imitation of drumming style of both the legendary drummers Lars Ulrich and Paul Bostaph I executed on a torn sofa and a pillow. Not knowing what Metal meant to me, Aditya asked me to join his band called Mortuary. I then met Prashant Shah via Aditya and after completing my SSC Boards exams we started jamming at Prashant's terrace. Later Sahil aka Demonstealer who happened to be a common friend between Aditya and Prashant asked us to form his band and that's how Demonic Resurrection was formed back in 2000. Later I left DR and formed Exhumation in 2003. As priorities changed Prashant joined Scribe and since there was nothing happening in the band. I and Aditya decided to form a 2 pc Black Metal band. Later in 2011 we formed Solar Deity releasing our 1st EP “In The Name of Satan”. It’s been over 15 years now I have been playing drums

Q. Apart from Musicality what drove you towards metal?


Q. Are you satisfied with how far Metal has taken you in this journey?

Yeah for sure. But I’m not satisfied with the metal scene though. For obvious reasons, there are hardly any black metal listeners. And those who listen to it they don’t turn up to support the scene.

Q. Share an event for which you would be always thankful to Metal?

I thank TSF crew. Post gig I proposed my GF to marry me in front of everyone. Well! I’m happily married now and still playing drums for Solar Deity.

Q. Do you consider yourself as a religious person? What do you think about the association of religion with metal, like obstacles that orthodox thinking has put before metal?

I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in the existence of God. Most of the time I’m surrounded by orthodox people. Unfortunately it’s difficult to explain them what Metal is all about. For that matter my parents made lot of issues when I had initially started drumming for DR. They felt my band members have washed my brains to the extent that made me do wicked things like growing my hair long and wearing black t- shirts with Anti-Christ stuff printed on it. I was once asked to go home from work coz I wore a tee where the Devil was holding holy sacrament in his hand. If you are ok sacrificing animals in the name of God how would it matter if devil is holding sacrament in his hand. I think this should make Catholics feel happy because devil is holding something holy what’s wrong in that? Keep your orthodox thinking to yourself.

Q. Do you like politics? Your take on the mostly ignorant behaviour of Indian metal-heads towards politics and voting?

Personally I stay away from politics and I don’t vote either. I think you should vote. Indian metal heads have their own fundaments about politics. They won’t vote until they know that the candidate is a metalhead and he/she or it is giving away joints filled with maal and a quarter filled with whiskey. I bet you will see a huge queue at the polling booth if this ever happens. : D

Q. You are a part of one of the most popular black metal outfit. What would you say about acts done by Polish, Norwegian and such other bands violently? Do you call it a form of terrorism?

They are less violent than Delhi-ites. Norwegians are poor souls they don’t go raping women. Varg is cool. He burnt churches and committed murder to defend himself from getting killed by the others. Polish are perverts.

Q. Where do you see Metal after 50 Years from Now?

I can only answer this after 50 years.

Q. If not Metal Enthusiast that you are what would you choose to be?

A Model.

Q. A message to stereotypes?

Keep watching Russell Peters. Cheers! \m/

Interview by Niranjan Deshpande